Unapologetic Podcast

The Unapologetic Podcast is an initiative of The Purple Door which made its debut on October 11, 2019. Unapologetic is a real, unscripted take on today’s relationships, dilemmas, and community by professionals who’ve “been there, seen that, and done that.” The podcast aims to dive into a raw, point blank discussion about the attitudes, ideas, and expectations people bring into their intimate relationships, general relationships, and their community. The conversation takes on real language to dissect and discuss all societal and individual myths, realities, and conflicts of the elusive intimate relationship and the effects of these ideals on the community’s social norms. By examining relationships and conflict in a real way, our goal is that the community will hear a challenging perspective that increases strong, healthy people and relationships.


Unapologetic Podcast!

We’re Unapologetic!

Unapologetic Podcast is always accepting your feedback, questions, or even the dilemmas. Stay tuned with us on Instagram @realunapologeticpodcast or send your emails to realunapologeticpodcast@gmail.com and podcast hosts will discuss on the air.



Series One: “So…what are relationships, really?” Listen to series one here: Series 1

Series Two: “Venture to the Dark Side: How are violent partners made?” Listen to series two here: Series 2

Series Three: “Miss Media: An examination of today’s mainstream entertainment.” Listen to Miss Media here: Miss Media 

Miss Media!