Sexual Assault and Violence

Sexual Assault and Violence is any sexual activity that happens without willing, active, and unimpaired consent. Behaviors and/or the use of words to attack a person’s sexuality, sexual safety and freedom, and removes the partner’s freedom to use birth control or protection.

Sexual Assault and Violence does not discriminate, we are all susceptible to sexual assault and violence regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, social standing, or immigration status.

Is it Sexual Assault and Violence?

• Did you feel safe saying “no?” Was your “no” ignored or rejected?

• Did someone touch you when you were not able to understand what was happening (sleeping, drug/alcohol use, compromised state of mind)?

• Did someone share or take intimate pictures of you without permission?

• Were you pressured or threatened to do something sexual you did not want to do?

• Was your request for safe sex and/or birth control for sexual activity ignored?

The Sexual Assault Response Team is available to adult survivors of stranger AND non-stranger sexual assault at no charge, 24-hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. When requested, The Purple Door’s staff and trained advocates are dispatched to the Corpus Christi Medical Center – Doctor’s Regional in order to:

• Provide crisis intervention and advocacy
• Hospital accompaniment during a Medical Forensic Exam
• Accompaniment to law enforcement offices, court, and/or legal offices
• Provide safety planning
• Transport to safe shelter
• Provide information and referrals to community resources

The Sexual Assault Victim Advocates are also here to assist all survivors with advocacy, peer counseling, wellness and empowerment, and other community resources needed, even when survivors do not wish to pursue legal and/or medical intervention.

No appointment is needed for face-to-face crisis intervention and advocacy services. Please call the 24-hour crisis hotline at 361.881.8888 or 1.800.580.4878 (HURT).