Community Education

Our Digital Educator providing information about our agency services at a back-to-school health fair!

The Prevention and Education Team provides a variety of community education throughout The Purple Door’s 12-county service region. The P&E team can accommodate custom educational requests that align with The Purple Door’s mission and vision. In addition, the P&E team will provide education at your business, school, or other public space, no crowd too big or small, and all education provided is FREE of charge. There is no limit to the amount and times we provide your agency, organization, and/or business community education.

Professional Training: Unlike the Community Alliance Prevention Model, this one-time training can be completed within a one to two-hour period but does not designate the trainee as a Purple Ally. Professional trainings have the capacity to reach professionals who work directly or indirectly with victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and those who work directly or indirectly with perpetrators of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Community Presentation: These one-time presentations reach the community at large from college students, faith-based groups, parents of school-aged children, leadership groups, and/or other community members who request to know more about The Purple Door’s services and how to help, the dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault and violence, how to be an active ally in the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault, and to gain tools needed to be able to incorporate the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault within the community.

Pop-up Prevention Discussion: These free, quickly coordinated discussion spaces are facilitated by the P&E team. They provide the community at large an invitation to join the prevention movement. How do we end domestic violence and sexual assault and violence in the Coastal Bend? What are the barriers? And other challenging topics to encourage the community to think outside the box. If you are a business, agency, or organization who would like to host our team for a Pop-up Prevention Discussion, don’t hesitate to contact us at to further coordinate.

Our community educators at the Corpus Christi Ice Rays game that supported The Purple Door!

Community Education and Awareness: Through collaborative partnerships with our community’s agencies, businesses, and other hosts, the P&E team reach event goers through interactive tabling education: taking a pledge against domestic violence and sexual assault, learning more about our agency services, or discussing how to join the prevention movement. Our team of educators have set-up interactive tabling education with many of our community partners throughout the agency’s 12-county service region. If you’d like P&E to host an educational table at your event, don’t hesitate to send us an invite at

If your agency, organization, or business would like to carry The Purple Door brochures, or other available literature, please send us your request at The P&E team will coordinate to ensure that your location does not go without.