Battering Intervention and Prevention Program

What is BIPP?

BIPP is a course for men that provides tools to learn how to live a non-violent life and redirect current beliefs about power and control in an intimate relationship. The BIPP program involves accountability-focused groups that allow participants to take responsibility for the abusive behavior and learn the nature of family violence, changing beliefs and attitudes that lead to violence, and develop equal and supportive relationship practices.

The Purple Door’s Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) is accredited by the State of Texas and abides by state accreditation guidelines. BIPP is a 24- to 36-week program. BIPP is not an anger-management course.

How to refer a participant?

Fill out the attached referral form and provide it to BIPP along with any supportive documents such as: offense/arrest reports, assessments identifying abusive behavior, or other documents to help us assess and render a decision of participant acceptance into the program.

Contact Information:

361 -248-3344 or 3345


BIPP info flyer

BIPP Referral Form