Battering Intervention and Prevention Program

The Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP) is a course designed for men who need to change their abusive behavior and rigid beliefs about traditional power and control in an intimate partner relationship. The 24-week program allows participants to focus on taking responsibility for their abusive behavior and hold themselves accountable for it. It educates men on the nature of family violence, changing beliefs and attitudes that lead to violence, and teaches abusers ways to engage in equal and supportive relationships.

Why help an abuser? In taking a stand against domestic violence, it is important to address all sides of the issue. This includes helping offenders change their behavior. Many abusers experienced family violence growing up and they have continued the cycle in their lives. BIPP address this issue and many more.

BIPP, however, is not a therapy session or an anger management course. It is an educational program. Our agency’s BIPP program is accredited by the State of Texas and abides by state-accreditation guidelines. Participants are required to pay a sliding fee based on their income.

Change is possible when abusers acknowledge their abusive behavior, commit to changing that behavior, and complete the course. Staying non-violent is a life-long process. BIPP offers men the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to live non-violent lives.

For more information, contact BIPP at:

361-884-2900 or (fax) 361-884-2006