We believe in, and practice, transparency, ethical accounting, and donor stewardship. Below you will find our annual fiscal reporting including our Audited Financial Statements, IRS Form 990, and our Annual Report information.  The Purple Door is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we hold an excellent rating from Charity Navigator.

When you donate to The Purple Door you become part of one of the most respected organizations in our community. We are recognized within the community as knowledgeable experts who collaborate with leading institutions, municipalities, and partner agencies to help solve the crisis of domestic violence and sexual assault in the Coastal Bend region.

2017 Audited Financial Report

2017 Form 990

2018 Financial Audit


Annual Report Stats and Facts

The following outcomes are monitored on a continuous basis by the agency in order to determine the most effective ways in which to assist victims in achieving and maintaining safe, healthy, and violence-free lives. Evaluation of Services forms are provided to clients who complete the surveys on a voluntary and confidential basis. The agency’s leadership team reviews survey results at least quarterly to identify best practices, identify any issues that need to be addressed, and provide for continuous improvement to the programs and services conducted by the agency.

In 2018:

  • 96% of clients reported increased feelings of safety due to services received
  • 96% of clients reported that their children’s sense of safety increased due to services received
  • 97% of clients reported that counseling services assisted them
  • 86% of clients reported decreased feelings of isolation due to services received
  • 97% of clients reported increased awareness of community resources and options
  • 88% of clients reported that legal advocacy services assisted them
  • 89% of clients reported an increase in awareness of the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence
  • 86% of clients reported an increase in their children’s awareness of the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence

Quotes from clients served in 2018:

  • I’d been having a good service from staff and also I feel more safety here.
  • This matter is my life. I really love how they can help me get back on my feet and keep me from harm and the counseling and the housing, medical and dental is very informative.
  • Feel stronger, self-awareness, not intimidated and not insulted when others accuse me of stuff that is not true. Complaint free. Thank you. Good moral support.
  • This new information will help me with what I am going through in my life at the moment in time. I never knew about these services. I am grateful that you are helping people like me.
  • I have been able to hold my head high without feeling the shame and stigma that came with domestic violence. My children have been able to release some for their anger through the help they have received. We have benefitted from the gift of sight provided through the shelter. We have been made aware of services available outside of here, like legal help. All I can say is thank you and can’t wait for the opportunity to give back.
  • I am very grateful to staff and for all services provided. Love you guys. Thank you!!
  • This has been the most informative and supportive experience. Very grateful for the resources provided.

Total clients served: 2,150

Adults served: 1,434

Children served: 716

Gender of clients served:

  • female: 1,765
  • male: 385

Total residential clients served at shelter facility: 796

Total non-residential clients served:  2108

Total number of services provided: 96691

Total number of hours of services provided: 35875

Total number of calls received on 24/7 crisis hotline: 7,908

Average length of stay per client: 26 days

Demographic Information:

  • Hispanic: 1,452
  • White: 489
  • African American: 130
  • Asian: 8
  • Native American: 21
  • Pacific Islander: 1
  • Multi-Racial: 44
  • Other: 5