2017 Snapshot

The following outcomes are monitored on a continuous basis by the agency in order to determine the most effective ways in which to assist victims in achieving and maintaining safe, healthy, and violence-free lives. Evaluation of Services forms are provided to clients who complete the surveys on a voluntary and confidential basis. The agency’s leadership team reviews survey results at least quarterly to identify best practices, identify any issues that need to be addressed, and provide for continuous improvement to the programs and services conducted by the agency.


We appreciate our volunteers!                            2017 Great Expectations Speaker, Lisa Ling



In 2017:

  • 96% of clients reported increased feelings of safety due to services received
  • 88% of clients reported that their children’s sense of safety increased due to services received
  • 95% of clients reported that counseling services assisted them
  • 84% of clients reported decreased feelings of isolation due to services received
  • 94% of clients reported increased awareness of community resources and options
  • 91% of clients reported that legal advocacy services assisted them
  • 88% of clients reported an increase in awareness of the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence
  • 88% of clients reported an increase in their children’s awareness of the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence

Quotes from clients served in 2017:

  • “I feel like I’m taking steps in the right direction.” 
  • “I was so lost until now.” 
  • “I am a better person after staying here.” 
  • “I feel like a worthy and productive person in my community.” 
  • Thank you for being there for me.  The services you provide saved my life.”

Total clients served: 2,164

  • Adults served: 1,397
  • Children served: 767

Gender of clients served:

  • female: 1,739
  • male: 425

Total residential clients served at shelter facility: 870


Total non-residential clients served:  1,294


Total number of services provided: 99,441


Total number of hours of services provided: 37,693


Total number of calls received on 24/7 crisis hotline: 13,182


Average length of stay per client: 20 days


Demographic Information:

  • Hispanic: 1,470
  • White: 415
  • African American: 161
  • Asian: 11
  • Native American: 21
  • Pacific Islander: 8
  • Multi-Racial: 47
  • Other: 31

Financial Information: